Paul Rodriguez

Actor - Comedian - Director - Producer

As an actor and comedian it has always been very important for me to make sure that my fans are kept current on my career and to have a Website that is informative and yet entertaining to those who visit. Creative CDRom has been hosting and taking care of my Website for almost 4 years now and during that time they have been completely professional and responsive to my needs.

I whole-heartedly recommend Creative CDRom to anyone who needs to have the best website which reflects the owner and or the company's interest in being responsive to the fans or the public at large.

Creative CDRom has always kept my site up to date with style changes, new technology and the response time has been the same day, within hours.  Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at , and I will testify to what you have read here as well as tell you more about the advantages of having a Website designed and maintained by Creative CDRom.

Paul Rodriguez
Actor, Comedian, Producer and Director

Alex Reymundo

Actor - Comedian- On Tour with Ron White (Blue Collar Comedy)

In today’s world of show business, distribution of information plays an important part of the way you are marketed, perceived and is key to success.

The group at Creative CDRom have been absolutely incredible and a major asset to me and to all of the companies I have done business with in the past 2 years.

Creating, designing, hosting, updating within hours, not days and finding solutions to dilemmas no matter what the source, is just some of what Creative CDRom does for my business on a daily basis.

Staying one step ahead of the information super highways not so nice side is something far beyond my capacity and understanding.

Creative CDRom gives me the peace of mind I need to deliver all of this vital information to associates with the security that never leaves my business at a stand still.

I highly encourage, recommend and endorse Creative CDRom to any company looking to present and take their company on to the fast track of 21 st century business.

Alex Reymundo
Actor and Comedian

Margo Reymundo

Actress - Broadway - Recording Artist - Television

Every week, I receive a compliment on my website from an industry professional or a fan. Creative CDRom gave me exactly what I needed to showcase my work in an effective, interactive and aesthetically pleasing website. Today, there are almost as many websites for artists as there are artists, but mine stands out because of it's sleek design, accessibility and easy navigation. Other than the obvious marketing benefits of having a website, it was important for me to use it as an interactive online resume that would reflect my personality in it's content and design.

When an entertainment industry professional visits my site, it is a valuable opportunity for me to offer them the information they need about me as quickly and easily as possible in print, audio or video format. When a fan visits my site, it is welcoming and aesthetically pleasing offering content that is a reflection of my work and personality.

I highly recommend Creative CDRom as a company to build and maintain a high traffic site not only for entertainment but other industries as well.

Margo Reymundo
Actress, Radio Personality, LA, Broadway Artist, NY

Joey Medina

Actor - Comedian - Director - Los Angeles Radio Personality

The best thing I did was have Creative CD-ROM design my web site. They gave me one on one attention and helped me to develop a site that has brought me thousands of dollars.

I am convinced that having a well designed web site can more than double any business. I receive hundreds of hits a day on my site and I am proud to have them visit my site.

Joey Medina
Actor, Director and Comedian