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DDI International, Inc.


DDI International, Inc. is an inspection service company that specializes in cost effective, innovative and practical solutions for the inspection industry where we provide worldwide coverage using inspection personnel who are highly trained in advances in technology with our inspection protocol to fulfill the needs of our clients and our industry. (View complete detailed "Inspection Services" on the navigation bar)

To accomplish our goal of earning recognition within our industry as the leading provider of high quality inspection services, DDI has designed and developed a complete project management, data management and data collection program named the Global Logistics Management System (GLMS).

Global Logistics Management System (GLMS) and IDPS
DDI International, Inc. inspection reports are generated using our state of the art proprietary GLMS Software

DDI International, Inc. utilizes our web based proprietary software program named the GLMS (Global Logistics Management System) to enter, process and store all inspection data.

The GLMS is the only program available in the industry that is designed to be entirely interactive with clients, project managers and DDI inspection personnel and is designed to provide the client and authorized users unrestricted access to all inspection information and reports at all times during the inspection project.

By providing nearly instantaneous access to the inspection reports, DDI enables the client to immediately initiate remedial and or repair work plans as necessary to ensure that each structure is in compliance with the laws, rules, regulations and mandates issued by B.O.E.M.R.E (formerly MMS), of the regional regulatory and governing authorities in different geographic locations worldwide.

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate live in the clients office the abilities of the GLMS program and the quality of our inspection protocol on a single application. Click Here to Read a Full Description....

Client View
Types of Structures and Components that can utilize the GLMS
  • Fixed
  • Marine vessel hull gauging
  • MODU
  • Pipeline
  • Subsea ultra deepwater
  • TLP
  • Bridges, Dams, Docks - loading and offloading
  • Fabrication facilities, Land based drilling rigs
  • LNG terminals, Mining facilities
  • Pipelines, Power plants, Railroads and trestles
  • Refineries, Storage facilities, Tank farms
  • Water and waste water treatment, Windmills
DDI International, Inc. 14405 Walters Road, Suite 800, Houston, Texas 77014 Phone: 281-444-3617 Fax: 281-444-6146

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