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Twelve years of web development experience. All Websites are custom designs. I do not use or work with pre-made templates. My goal is to design the site in a look and feel of what the client is looking for and to give them at least 100% or more of their vision.




Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Sony Pro Vega video editing

Windows Media and Audio

Web Calendar

Formmail (PHP)

FTP Setup

e-mail setup and maintenance
cPanel setups and maintenance
Site maintenance

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Publisher

Adobe Applications

Assistance with

Web Hosting

(Sale of products and Goods electronically)

Social Media

Milan, Italy Cathedral - Duomo di Milano
Construction started in the 14th century (1300 to 1399)
and ended in 1965 (It took 6 centuries to build)


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